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Welcome Back!!!


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Welcome back to the public feedback area for WHMCS Guru. As you can see, quite a bit has changed, so let me take a few moments of your time and explain what's new, what's changed, and why it all happened!

The public feedback area of WHMCS Guru has always been a bit bare. The intent has always been to provide an area where customers (and non) could provide feedback, submit questions, and discuss things. That's just natural, and should be available to every customer everywhere, right?

Well, with Xenforo 2.2, that was made possible. rather than relying on a number of different products and plugins, I was finally able to get that all down to one and only one . Rather than have to worry about displaying , updating, maintaining so many critical products, I can finally just do it with one ... YAY !!

Unfortunately, with all of this, I needed to do a small 'reset' on the board itself! No accounts were lost, but the threads and forums had to be reset, so post counts and all that are lost. I apologize about that.

The product sections are back in place, and can be home to some great discussions if you like. Additionally, separate idea and Question and Answer boards are available for each.

As XF 2.2 also allows 'article' forums, I'll be creating individual article forums for each, highlighting features and the like. This is something that will be done over time.

As usual, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask away!

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