WHMCS Notify Extended V 1.6 released


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Jan 11, 2018
Hot on the heels of Cron Extended version 2.0 being released comes an upgrade for WHMCS Notify Extended! This upgrade / release focuses on the nag system, and redefines / hones it a bit, as well as adds a couple of interesting features.

To upgrade, as will all of our upgrades, just upload the contents of the zip file into your WHMCS directory, and make sure to copy the contents of the admin directory into your custom admin directory (if you have one).

Because a few of the settings for nags have been changed, it's important that you look at the new 'nags' tab and tick all of the settings that you'd like. Priorities, departments, statuses, all need to be checked. Before, only departments were available to be checked. To help understand the flow of nags as they are now, I've created this blog post .

Additionally, if you look in the 'tickets due' tab of WHMCS Notify Extended addon, you'll see that there are now 'actions'. You can pause a ticket to temporarily halt it from alerting (the countdown will still take place, but it will not step into the next countdown 'stage'), or you can delete it. If paused, you'll be able to unpause it. IF when unpaused, the ticket is set to alert (you'll know), it will then alert at the next nag check.

As always, if you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please don't hesitate to either contact us, or use the feedback forum!