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Jan 11, 2018
It's been a long few days, but I'm finally able to announce that WHMCS Guru Feedback v2.0 os here and ready to go. Here's a few things that are shiny and new to this version of our community feedback forums

  1. There is now a Q&A section in each product forum. You can ask basic questions there , stuff like "can I do this with this", or "how do I do this here". This is a community based support forum, and others in the community will answer, or you may get a staff answer. You can then choose the answer you feel best serves your question.
  2. Each product forum has a 'bug' section in it. This is for, you know, bugs. I'll work on getting prefixes added for those shortly.
  3. Each product forum has a feedback section as well. This is for your thoughts, ideas, what you'd like to see in this product.
  4. Because of the version difference, I felt it best to start with a fresh forum. No upgrades, things were started from scratch. This means you'll have to register again. If you're a customer, hold off on that for a few days, because I'll be working on some magic there (once I get the API straightened out).
  5. Instead of 'likes', there are now 'reactions'. We all know that like and dislike, really aren't the only two things in the world. Reactions should be in place and should be fun. Thanks, Facebook for that idea :)
  6. Resources are in. This will enable sharing of fun stuff, and eventually (hopefully) I'll be able to figure out how to get versions of specific products available to customers as they order them. That should be done in the next few days, assuming I can get my head around the XF API
I'm 100% positive I probably missed SOMETHING in this new version, though shouldn't be much. If you see something, let me know in the feedback forums so that I can fix it. I still have the old forums floating around, at a different URL, so I can still check them, it'll just be something only I can do.

This is phase 1 of our massive overhaul scheduled for this month. There's a few things left to do here, but for the most part, forum upgrade and overhaul is completed.

If you were redirected here from our old URL, that's OK. there's nothing to be worried or afraid about. This was just done to make sure you got to the right (new) place.

Tom Whiting,
Head 'Guru' - WHMCS Guru!
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