Server Account List Lite v1.1


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Jan 11, 2018
The concept:

When you move a client from server to server (say, moving to a new provider, etc), it's not moved within WHMCS.

In order to move this within WHMCS, you need to go into each, individual account and move the account one by one into it's new server home. If you have 100s of accounts on a server, this is rather tedious , and time consuming

This addon allows you to correct this, easily. It will allow you to select accounts on each server, and move them to another server inside of WHMCS (note: the cPanel server move needs to be done separately, there's no way to automate that yet).

This is the lite version of this module. Within the next few weeks, I'll have a pro version up, which should have the following features. This, of course, will not be free, as this is.
  • Clean up terminated accounts
  • Clean up cancelled accounts
  • Verify account exists on server
  • Mass Suspension (correctly done)
  • Mass Termination (correctly done)


Pretty basic stuff here. Download, upload to your whmcs directory and unzip... I try to keep it as simple as possible

V1.1.0 , changelog
  • Select all checkbox added
  • Widget added
  • Updated to work with WHMCS 7