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  1. whmcsguru

    Hooks Client Login Notification Hook

    This one's been around for a while, just getting it updated to v8 today. This hook will fire off an email notification to your clients when they login to your website A few caveats to this This will not notify your clients if using the admin login functionality This will not notify 'accounts'...
  2. whmcsguru

    How do I make 'required' fields in WHMCS Support Tickets stand out?

    Here's one that I've found useful over the years. Pretty easy to do. Make those 'required' fields stand out when it comes to ticket submissions. This does require template edits Step 1: Open up whmcs/templates/template/supportticketsubmit-customfields.tpl, replace it all with <div class =...
  3. whmcsguru

    Hooks Admin login notification (via email)

    This older hook still works today. I updated this a few years back for v6, still works now. This hook will notify your admin user that someone logged in to their account. Save this as a php file in includes/hooks <?php /* admin login notification for WHMCS retooled for v6 04-20-2016 -...
  4. whmcsguru

    Reports Server Account Report

    This is a report tool I wrote a few years back (looks like it might have been v5 or 6 based on the code). Cleaned it up, updated it for V6+ . This is just a report, nothing fancy there. Save the following as server_account_report.php in modules/reports. The file name is quite specific <?php...
  5. whmcsguru

    Hooks Returning the service details sidebar

    Prior to V6, there was a 'service details' sidebar available for WHMCS. This was quite handy, and useful. This hook will help you get that back Put the following into a php file in includes/hooks <?php use WHMCS\View\Menu\Item as MenuItem; use Illuminate\Database\Capsule\Manager as Capsule...
  6. whmcsguru

    Hooks Require security question selection if empty

    This hook will allow you to require a client to select a security question. Additionally, when a security question is changed, the client will be notified of it via mail (more coming soon). Save the following code snippet into a php file in includes/hooks/ <?php //redirect clients to security...
  7. whmcsguru

    Hey, I'm Tom

    Hey, all. I just thought I'd take a moment and get this started myself. My name is Tom Whiting. I've been a member of the web hosting community since September, 2002, and have been working with WHMCS since 2007. Growing up, when I was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I told people I...
  8. whmcsguru

    Welcome Back!!!

    Welcome back to the public feedback area for WHMCS Guru. As you can see, quite a bit has changed, so let me take a few moments of your time and explain what's new, what's changed, and why it all happened! The public feedback area of WHMCS Guru has always been a bit bare. The intent has always...